Convite para a defesa de dissertação do programa de pós-graduação em Ciência da Computação

A Coordenação do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciência da Computação tem a satisfação de convidá-lo para a Defesa de Dissertação:



Alan Carvalho Neves


The growing data sharing and life-logging cultures are driving an unprecedented increase in the amount of unedited first-person videos. We address the problem of accessing relevant information in first-person videos by creating an accelerated version of the input video, emphasizing the important moments to the recorder through an attention model based on gaze and visual scene analysis. Moreover, by employing a scene novelty strategy in our attention model, we avoid overly watching video segments in the accelerated video. We performed several experimental evaluations on publicly available first-person video datasets. In task coverage, our method is 9.6 p.p. superior to the best competitor. Considering the semantic load, it captured 15% more objects in gaze surroundings than the best competitor. Our methodology can fast-forward videos emphasizing moments when the recorder visually interacts with scene components while enforcing the diversity aspect of retrieved information.


Comissão Examinadora:

Prof. Erickson Rangel do Nascimento - Orientador (DCC - UFMG)

Prof. Mario Fernando Montenegro Campos - Coorientador (DCC - UFMG)

Dr. Michel Melo da Silva - Coorientador (Verlab - UFMG)

Prof. Alexei Manso Correa Machado (DCC - PUC/MG)

Prof. Guillermo Cámara Chávez (DECOM - UFOP)

Prof. Hélio Pedrini (IC - UNICAMP)


28 de Novembro de 2019



Sala 6321 do ICEX