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Heuristics for minmax regret optimization problems under interval uncertainty

Iago Augusto de Carvalho


Minmax regret is an approach to tackle uncertainty in the decision-making process. In this Thesis, we investigate minmax regret optimization problems where the coefficient of the variables on the objective function is unknown, but it is assumed to be bounded by an interval. We investigate the Minmax regret Single-Source Shortest PathProblem under Interval Uncertainty (MSS-SPP). We prove that this problem is NP-Hard, extend several heuristics from the literature to the MSS-SPP, and introduce a new class of heuristics for solving minmax regret optimization problems under interval uncertainty, which are the Fix-and-Optimize heuristics. Computational experiments performed on classical instances from the literature demonstrated that one of the proposed Fix-and-Optimize heuristics significantly outperformed the literature heuristics for solving MSS-SPP.


Comissão Examinadora:


Prof. Thiago Ferreira de Noronha - Orientador (DCC - UFMG)

Prof. Christophe Didier Duhamel - Coorientador (ISIMA - UCA)

Prof. Cristiano Arbex Valle (DCC - UFMG)

Prof. Vinícius Fernandes dos Santos (DCC - UFMG)

Prof. Rafael Castro de Andrade (DEMA - UFC)


25 de Outubro de 2019



Sala 2077 do ICEX

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